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The end of an era?
posted by dtra on 15th-Sep-2011

Well, I haven't posted here for almost a month, and now it comes to this! Well, I'm not shutting down, but I think that it's time to move on to something more substantial. I shut down the gallery last year, and now I've pretty much decided that I will not continue the blog, well, the blog at this URL anyway. I will continue to blog, but I've taken the decision to move to wordpress and just go with that....

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
posted by dtra on 20th-Aug-2011

I've never actually ever sat down and watched one of the previous Planet of the Apes films in their entirety, I've seen bits of the original, maybe the sequel to that, fair sized chunks of the Mark Walhberg version, the Planet of the Apes musical from the Simpsons (an all-time classic, Doctor Zaius, Doctor Zaius, ohhhhh Doctor Zaius!), and I think that I've pieced together the storyline and plot pretty much. The planet (Earth) has been taken over by super-intelligent apes who have enslaved what remains of mankind. So with that in mind, I went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes with the expectation of finding out how the apes became super-intelligent. The plot of this film is that Doctor Will Rodman (James Franco) is working on a cure/treatment for Alzheimers disease, and they do their testing on chimps....

Some photos for June/July
posted by dtra on 16th-Aug-2011

It's been Winter here the past couple of months and so that's been my excuse for not having gone out and taken more photos. These photos were pretty much taken in June, and maybe the start of July, I know, we're in the middle of August now, but it's been a bit wet, a bit miserable, a bit depressing, and I'm not that keen on chasing photos when it's a bit cold and dark. Hopefully the weather starts clearing up and getting warmer, and combined with the longer days I will be able to hit the roads again and find some nice locations around Melbourne to take some photos before the end of the year. So they're just a couple of photos from Black Rock that I took right at the start of June, over two months ago!...

Updated at 12:07 16th-Aug-2011

Always be focused
posted by dtra on 11th-Aug-2011

Man, I haven't posted anything here in a few weeks, and then I come and post something that I always dread. For the first time in almost two years I've had a scrape on the road and come off my bike, it was pretty much totally my fault smiley. I was riding on the left hand side of the left lane of a two lane road, the lights had just changed green so I was expecting a bit of an acceleration. Then the guy in the right hand lane decides to change lanes, but goes halfway, so while I was distracted by that I hadn't noticed that the car in front (and the cyclist behind him probably 5m in front of me) had braked pretty suddenly, by the time I was looking straight ahead, it was too late, I squeezed brake levers as hard as I could, but my puny and pretty worn brakes didn't give much in terms of stopping power, I rear-ended the cyclist knocking him down along with myself....

An Aussie Tour de France
posted by dtra on 24th-Jul-2011

In a battle of the bridesmaids (only just realised yesterday), the runners-ups of the previous four Tours de France went head to head in the time trial last night for all the marbles, and Cadel finally had everything go his way. The tour has been unbelievably exciting this year, even more so than two years ago when Lance Armstrong came back, and then last year when Andy Schleck was pusing Contador, it always just seemed like Contador would have enough. This year however, it just seemed to have that edge of uncertainty, Contador obviously didn't have the legs in the end, but you could never be sure, and then the Schlecks you thought would be the ones that could really take advantage, but they didn't seem as consistently strong as last year. Then finally, Cadel Evans who seems to have something go against him every year that costs him a chance of threatening for the tour, this year he rode like a demon....

An annoyance (from the NBA)
posted by dtra on 9th-Jul-2011

OK, so there's a lockout at the moment so no one really cares about this stuff (and probably no one cares about this anyway). But, I remember seeing this play as a highlight on some NBA web site, watching it, and just thinking, this is how NBA players are so good, they don't actually have to obey the laws of the game all the time.Now, this isn't anything as blatant as Lebron's crab dribble, but this is pretty obvious I would think to anyone actually watching the game. Now maybe the players don't get away with this kind of thing as they are growing up and playing in smaller leagues, but who knows, they get to the NBA, and all of a sudden, the refs don't bother, it probably is a part of the spectacle I guess, they don't want to stop games for strict rulings. But this is the sort of play that called up every game we play, and I reckon as a player, you must not even notice it happen, because refs call it sometimes, and I certainly don't think I ever do it, sometimes you see it called on other players and it's fair enough, but sometimes it's just like the ref is being a bit over-zealous, as everyone in the stadium is wondering what the call was for....

Updated at 4:43 9th-Jul-2011

X-Men First Class
posted by dtra on 19th-Jun-2011

It's been a while since I've done a movie review, I haven't seen anything of particular interest so nothing worth reviewing I guess. Anyway, went and saw the latest in the line of X-Men movies, this one being a prequel to the trilogy that came out earlier. It is based around the meeting of Professor X and Magneto during the cold war. It also shows the origins of Magneto, and a few other mutants that may look familiar to everyone....

Updated at 23:51 20th-Jun-2011

Photo post
posted by dtra on 12th-Jun-2011

Not sure if I will be able (or bothered) to process any photos that I have taken recently, though I do have a backlog for a couple weeks worth to upload to flickr at the moment. So in a couple weeks there will be a break from posting new photos, so I thought I'd post this now and get it out of the way. These pictures were taken over the Easter long weekend, a couple similar ones have already been posted to flickr, with one more to go, which I'll probably post tomorrow. So just a photo of AAMI Park, and a couple from the early morning when I went down to Williamstown, both in black and white, I rode down to Black Rock last weekend, so I'll have some photos from that trip to go up in a few weeks time, and hopefully have taken some other photos of some other place in the coming weeks, I'm really trying to get out and find more locations, but I don't know, cos I don't really like taking architecture photos, I don't know where to find good landscapes around Melbourne (within 25km or so), I'll keep looking anyway....

Updated at 3:17 12th-Jun-2011

Garmin etrex Legend Hcx
posted by dtra on 5th-Jun-2011

Decided to buy one of these while the Australian dollar was high, still is I guess. The main reason being that I can't trust my iphone to have enough power to run gps on some longer journeys (ie. more than 2-3 hours), and also for use overseas and in areas where the phone doesn't get a good signal. It seems prety handy, but there are definitely a few things that I haven't worked out and would definitely be very happy to get to the bottom of....

I'm back! Rant time...
posted by dtra on 31st-May-2011

Well, after a torturous four weeks (or so) without proper internet at home, I'm finally back, I do apologise for the lack of updates here, but that couldn't really be helped. Anyway, so I made the switch from the TPG offnet plan to the unlimited plan so I don't have to be watching the stupid clock all the time now, I can just go with freedom. Meanwhile, with all this time with no internet, I've been able to brood and to stew for a while about a few things that have really irked me, and so I thought what better time to vent than now. Let's begin with the TPG, I have to say I'm really happy now to be on the unlimited plan, but boy was it a hassle (and a rip-off) getting on to it....

Updated at 13:35 31st-May-2011